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Zelensky may sign a decree to start the war in Donbass today

Zelensky may sign a decree on the start of a military operation in Donbass today.

Despite the fact that the information about the start of the military operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Donbass did not receive any official comments, it became known that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy could sign the corresponding decree today, March 15. Experts note that the date itself is very ambiguous, however, the fact that the Ukrainian Armed Forces transferred about three hundred tanks to the Donbass, and more than fifty missile and cannon artillery means, indicates that Kiev is preparing for war.

Earlier it became known about some important decision that Zelensky will have to make on March 15 in Donbass, which prompted speculation that we are talking about a large-scale military operation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The intensification of artillery shelling of the territory of the DPR and LPR was observed throughout the entire week, while any actions that clearly indicate the beginning of the offensive were not noticed either from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, or from the DPR and LPR.

On the other hand, Kiev demonstrates the fact that it is really preparing for a military operation in the Donbass, including for repelling attacks on the Ukrainian capital, by deploying S-300V1 anti-aircraft missile systems, which are, in fact, the most modern air defense systems located in service with Ukraine, about which the editorial staff of Avia.pro has already Reported.

Despite requests, Kiev refuses to comment in any way on the deployment of the Armed Forces group in the demarcation zone in Donbass.

These are no longer our Ukrainians who are striving to join NATO. I cannot imagine when NATO tanks and missiles will be stationed at the borders of Belgorod.

Why didn't you say that when Ichkeria wanted to secede and destroyed the whole country of Ichkeria ??

In 2014, in the fall, Lyashko asked Yatsenyuk from the rostrum why Yatsenyuk bought about 6 special machines from Germany, a crematorium, this is probably not to pay relatives for the death of their sons who died in the civil war, no body means missing, and for this, relatives are not paid, and for this Yatsenyuk got a crematorium on wheels

World turned upside down. To fight against their own Ukrainians. They don't want to be with Kiev, so let them live separately. If you want to live in a European way, let everything be solved in a democratic way. You can't be cute.

Let the crematoria prepare the coffins, too; there will be a lot of rotten meat.

And "Pug", you know she is strong, if it barks at the "elephant"



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The aircraft airline forgot the sleeping passenger ExpressJet.
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