Poroshenko on the plane


Zelensky won the elections in Ukraine, and Poroshenko is going to fly away

The probability of Poroshenko’s flight from Ukraine is extremely high.

By this time, it became known that in the second round of the presidential elections in Ukraine, the devastating victory was won by Vladimir Zelensky, who collected about 75% of votes. Despite the fact that Poroshenko had already acknowledged the victory of Vladimir Zelensky, information appeared that approximately at 18 hours of the evening at the Kiev International Airport security officers of the Ukrainian President were noticed, which caused a lot of suspicion that Poroshenko was preparing to fly out of the country.

The key reason for Poroshenko’s flight from Ukraine is the suspicion of corruption, and Zelensky himself stated that the next place for Poroshenko after the presidential chair will be the court, which, of course, does not satisfy the current Ukrainian leader.

It is noteworthy that Poroshenko himself had previously stated that he did not see a reason for his flight from the country, but given the preparation of the aircraft and the helicopter at the Kiev International Airport, there are quite weighty fears that the current Ukrainian president will leave the country today.