Army of Ukraine


Zelensky promised to disperse the General Staff of Ukraine

The Ukrainian army is waiting for dramatic changes.

Despite the fact that Vladimir Zelensky, gaining 70% of votes at the presidential elections in Ukraine, had not yet assumed the office of the country's president, he made a loud statement in which he promised to disperse the command of the General Staff of Ukraine.

“As for the General Staff, we have very serious people who have authority in the army. These are acting generals, you will see them. I have no right to call them now - there is an agreement with them, this is a very serious story. ”, - declared Zelensky.

On the question of whether Zelensky plans to change the head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in the future, the new Ukrainian leader dodged, however, analysts say, Zelensky’s decision is obviously connected with the trivial collapse of the country's army, the death of military personnel, corruption, illegal arms trade, etc.

It should be clarified that, despite the rather harsh statement from Vladimir Zelensky, there have been no official comments from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine at the moment.