Zelensky called on NATO to guard the Black Sea

The President of Ukraine spoke in favor of NATO's presence in the Black Sea.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that NATO ships should be present in the waters of the Black Sea due to the growing external threat around the country, obviously meaning Russia. Given the fact that NATO considers Ukraine and Georgia to be its NATO partners, such calls may lead to the fact that the ships of NATO countries may indeed become more frequent guests in this region.

"Ukraine has consistently advocated NATO's presence in the Black Sea", - said Vladimir Zelensky, speaking at a briefing in Chisinau.

It should be noted that over the past two years, the naval forces of the North Atlantic Alliance have really seriously strengthened their presence in the waters of the Black Sea. This is due not so much to ensuring the safety of navigation, although NATO does not specify exactly where the danger comes from, as to attempts to arrange provocations against Russia. This also applies to violations of Russian territorial waters by foreign ships.

Experts do not exclude that NATO may take rather dangerous steps, carrying out a constant rotation of its ships in the Black Sea, which will increase tensions in the region.

So that's why "Russia warned the UK about ..." :)

Who told him that Ukraine is a NATO partner? Did you have a dream?



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