ATACMS Ukraine missile strikes Russia


Zelensky made a statement about attacks on Russia with Western weapons

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, in his statement published by the publication, declared the impossibility and absence of Kyiv’s intentions to use weapons received from Western allies to launch strikes on Russian territory. This statement was a response to accusations and demands from the West to provide a list of targets in Russia to justify the feasibility of their strikes.

“Ukraine does not have the opportunity, does not have the right and will never use its partners’ weapons in territories other than Ukrainian”Zelensky said.

However, Western countries have expressed concern about Ukraine's use of terrorist methods and attacks on civilian targets on Russian territory.

In the context of these events, Vladimir Putin announced Russia’s intention to create a demilitarized zone on the territory of Ukraine, which would ensure the safety of Russian cities from shelling by foreign-made long-range weapons. The announcement came during a meeting with proxies in late January, underscoring Russia's intentions to prevent attacks on its territory. However, given that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have drones with a flight range of up to 1250 kilometers, the issue of creating such a zone raises serious difficulties.


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