Earthquake in Iran may be linked to strike on secret military facility

The time of the tremors and the time of strikes against Iran coincided.

The recent earthquake on the territory of the Islamic Republic could have been caused by a strike on a military secret underground facility near the city of Khoi. At the moment, there is no confirmation of these facts, however, the moment of the earthquake suspiciously coincided with the time of the attacks on Iran. Moreover, outdoor surveillance cameras recorded the moments of the attack on this area in Iran. This now raises a number of questions as to whether this quake was the cause of the massive strikes.

On the video footage you can see just the moment of powerful explosions near the city of Khoi in western Iran. According to information that has previously appeared on the network, there may be underground warehouses with medium-range ballistic missiles.

Iran itself denies any damage from the strikes, while Israeli and American sources report that the strikes against Iranian military targets were successful, although due to the lack of any documentary evidence of this, this fact is not credible. calls.


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