Fragments of a kamikaze drone flying towards Moscow were found in the Kaluga region

The wreckage of a Tu-141 drone flying in the direction of Moscow with a 100-kilogram bomb was found near Kaluga.

After a powerful explosion rocked the Kaluga region tonight, specialists who arrived at the scene found the wreckage of a Tu-141 unmanned aerial vehicle converted to be used as a kamikaze drone. As it turned out, the drone was carrying a 100-kilogram aerial bomb, and given the capabilities of the drone, it could well have reached the borders of Moscow.

In the presented pictures, you can see that the drone exploded during the flight. So far, there is no information about the defeat of the drone by means of air defense, however, arrow-shaped striking elements, as well as elements of the 100-kilogram OFAB-100-120 high-explosive bomb, were found at the crash site of the drone in the Kaluga region.

How exactly the drone managed to overcome the unnoticed distance of 300 kilometers from the borders with Ukraine is unknown, however, the drone almost all the time flew at low altitude and, probably, thereby hid from radar equipment.


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