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ZeroHedge: Putin proposed defending Lebanon with Russian C-400

Russia will block Israel's air throughout the region.

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, during a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said that he did not like Israel’s destabilizing actions against Lebanon, and if necessary, this country could be protected by Russian air defense systems.

“Putin expressed his dissatisfaction with Israel’s recent actions in Lebanon and even emphasized to Netanyahu that he“ rejects aggression against the sovereignty of Lebanon, ”which they never heard from him. Putin further stated that someone was deceiving him against Syria and Lebanon and that he would not leave this unanswered. According to him, Netanyahu warned do not strike at such targets in the future. ”, - the newspaper reports.

Given such information, it is most likely about the inclusion of Lebanese territory under the protection of the Russian Triumph S-400 air defense systems, which will allow control of any Israeli actions, especially since the last attacks on Syrian territory were carried out from the airspace of this country.

It is noteworthy that in early September, Lebanon did indeed raise the issue of concluding agreements with Russia to ensure the country's airspace security from external threats.