A train of 12 German Leopard 2A5 tanks moved towards Poland

A train with German Leopard 2A5 tanks advanced towards the Polish border.

Residents of Germany report that a train with 100 Leopard 12A2 tanks was seen about 5 kilometers from the Polish border. The echelon with military equipment was moving east. This most likely indicates the fact that we are talking about the supply of German tanks to Ukraine.

There were 12 Leopard 2A5 tanks and other military equipment and equipment on the railway platforms. Given the fact that Germany intended to transfer tanks of this type to Ukraine, this further raises concerns that the Bundeswehr has already transferred its tanks to Ukraine.

A little earlier, it became known that Poland also sent Leopard 2A4 tanks towards the Ukrainian border, although Warsaw did not report the start of deliveries of this equipment to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Earlier, experts calculated that the West could tentatively transfer about 200 Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. However, in addition to this weaponry, it is also possible to supply Challenger 2 tanks from the UK and Leclerc tanks from France, but the total deliveries are unlikely to exceed 250 heavy tanks, while how Kyiv intended to receive up to 500 Western combat vehicles.


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