A train with Russian military equipment spotted en route to the Ukrainian border

Another train with military equipment of the RF Armed Forces proceeded towards the Ukrainian border.

A few hours ago it became known that Russia has resumed the transfer of military equipment towards the Ukrainian border. According to the data that were at the disposal of the news agency, we are talking about a significant number of military trucks, repair shops, etc., incl. and weapons. The vehicles were allegedly heading towards the town of Novozybkov, just 30 kilometers from the Ukrainian border.

On the video footage published on the Web, you can see the process of a train with military equipment moving towards the Ukrainian border.

A large number of military trucks, maintenance vehicles and weapons can be seen on the railway platforms. The video was allegedly taken less than a day ago, and apparently all military equipment headed towards the new field camp of the Russian armed forces in the Klintsy area.

Earlier, the Russian side threatened Kiev with the protection of the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass, noting that the current state of affairs allows Russia to intervene to protect hundreds of thousands of its citizens living in the region, however, at the moment, there is no talk about the introduction of Russian troops into Donbass.

but I’m wondering: what is the purpose of publishing such messages? Are you not aware that tracking the movement of military equipment / cargo directly falls under the article on espionage?

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I haven't watched the video, but why do we need fraternal impoverished Ukraine if we have not been able to master our native Far East over the past 100 years?

And where is the pointer: To Kiev? Looks like this subject took it off and handed it over to non-ferrous metal to get drunk?

Why show alcoholics on the news? That the other video is gone?

The carriages, I see. Some kind of technique, I see. Inscription on the border with Ukraine, no. There is no road sign either.


What's this? Alcoholism news propaganda?

Yes, it’s more likely someone went through the vodka and did not eat bacon. More like the Ukrainian side.

If they cross the border, then there will be something to discuss.

And what is this video of an alcoholic with shaking hands and a tangled tongue?



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