Childbirth in a plane


A woman gave birth on the plane "Turkish Airlines"

Passenger Flight «Turkish Airlines» gave birth at an altitude of 12 thousand meters.

According to news agency, of the flight Conakry - Ouagadougou - Istanbul, one of the passengers who were on board, said that she went into labor. At this point, the aircraft was at an altitude 12 kilometers, however, thanks to skilled care on the part of the crew, the woman successfully gave birth to a girl at the same time, any problems during childbirth has not been revealed, what subsequently also reported and physicians hospitalized woman after planting.

It should be clarified that in recent years greatly increased the number of births attended by airborne, however, due to the fact that the crew has certain skills, most of which ends happily.

In the girls in the top left corner of the "very" happy face: ^)



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