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Netanyahu's wife was almost kicked out of an airplane, and then from Ukraine

Benjamin's wife Netanyahu caused a scandal on the plane and she was almost taken off the flight.

During a visit to Ukraine, the wife of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a scandal on board. Initially, the woman did not like how the crew greeted her, and after she went to the cockpit, she was threatened with removal from the flight.

It is reported that after the woman returned to the salon and took her place, the crew still decided to smooth out the conflict and personally greeted the woman again, however, due to the behavior of Sarah Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister could face another scandal.

Despite the fact that the scandal on board the plane was managed to pay off, this was not the only curious incident with Netanyahu's visit to Ukraine.

Upon arrival at the Kiev airport, the woman behaved extremely diplomatically and, without even trying, just threw a piece of loaf of salt directly onto the ground, which instantly provoked a reaction from Ukrainian nationalists on social networks.

Benjamin Netanyahu himself has not yet commented on the behavior of his wife, however, this can seriously affect his reputation both in Ukraine and in Israel itself, where Netanyahu can hardly find support.

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