Victims of the Mi-8 crash in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk are 5 people

The crash of a Mi-8 helicopter in the Khabarovsk Territory killed at least 5 people.

Information about this was provided to the Avia.pro news agency by the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and as it became known, some of the victims are in a very difficult condition, due to which doctors have to fight for their lives. It is worth to clarify that initially there were reports that when the Mi-8 helicopter crashed, 10 people were injured and 6 was lost, however, later these data were specified.

At the moment, the causes of the disaster remain unknown, however, while versions of engine failure and loss of control are considered, but official statements from persons investigating the disaster have not yet arrived at this hour.

Recall that the day before, the helicopter commander had stopped responding to the air traffic controller's requests the day before, however, after a while it became known that the helicopter crashed three kilometers from its destination and sank in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk.