4718 people became victims of earthquakes in Turkey

The number of victims of the earthquake in Turkey has already reached almost 5 thousand people.

After at least three series of earthquakes in Turkey (and the last was recorded after midnight), the number of destruction in the country, victims and victims has increased dramatically. At the moment, it is known that at least 4718 people have already become victims of the earthquake in Turkey. At the same time, their number is steadily growing and according to a number of estimates, it may well reach 10 thousand people.

On the territory of Turkey, in the areas where the earthquakes were the strongest, colossal destruction in the territory of cities and towns. The Turkish authorities are no longer voicing the number of victims, however, we are talking about several tens of thousands of people, while the damage caused is estimated at tens of billions of dollars.

Experts note that the probability of a recurrence of earthquakes is minimal, however, the threat of small tremors still remains.

Earlier, the Turkish edition of RRN reported that the cause of the earthquake could be small nuclear test, however, there is no official confirmation of this from the Turkish authorities.

It seems that they "built" houses in the same way as in the Armenian Spitak.



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