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Zhirinovsky demanded to annex Belarus to Russia - Minsk sent troops to the border

Vladimir Zhirinovsky demanded to "return" Belarus to Russia.

The Belarusian side sent its armored vehicles to the border of the country after the leader of the LDPR party Vladimir Zhirinovsky called on Lukashenko to resign and “return” Belarus to Russia, “to his native shores”.

“The leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia Vladimir Zhirinovsky proposed to the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko to hold“ beautiful ”elections, withdrawing his candidacy. "Power is for a long time. The track, the planes, the guard of honor, and everyone bows ... This is the most terrible drug. Lukashenko cannot tear himself away ... Alexander Grigorievich, you will come off ... And hold a beautiful election, having removed your candidacy from the elections." - said Zhirinovsky at an event dedicated to the 50th anniversary of his political work. The LDPR leader also noted that "the best option" is the return of Belarus "to its native shores" following the example of the Crimea. ", - about it сообщает Russian news agency RIA Novosti.

In Belarus, against the background of such statements, they have already proposed to completely close the border with Russia for an indefinite period, stating that the statement of Vladimir Zhirinovsky is more than provocative against the background of the detention in Minsk of 33 citizens of the Russian Federation suspected of extremism.

Presidential elections are to be held in Belarus this Sunday, and the Belarusian authorities decided to strengthen border controls by sending their armored vehicles to the Russian borders, as previously reported.

A dozen armored personnel carriers pose a real danger to Russia. Yes, Zhirinovsky is a professional provocateur.

You can hardly go as crazy as Lukashenka ...

Zhirinovsky completely lost his mind. Although, they are all already old there.