Ural Airlines


A resident of Yekaterinburg seized from Ural Airlines 240 thousand rubles

A resident of the Urals seized a thousand rubles from the Russian airline 240.

In February 2016, a resident of Yekaterinburg booked five air tickets for himself and his family members, however, just two days before the flight to Tbilisi, Andrei Tsoriev saw that the flight would be canceled. Due to the fact that the purchased tickets could not be returned, it was decided to purchase them again, but already with another carrier.

Upon his return to Russia, a resident of Yekaterinburg decided to protect his rights and appealed to the court, where he demanded that the cost of purchased tickets be collected from the air carrier "Ural Airlines". After careful consideration of all the circumstances, it was decided to return to the plaintiff the amount of 240 thousand rubles.