Flight from Petrozavodsk to Simferopol


Residents of Karelia have bought all the air tickets to Crimea

Residents of Karelia are buying out all the air tickets to Crimea for several hours.

Now Airport of Petrozavodsk Is experiencing a second rebirth, because only recently its passenger turnover was minimal, and flights were made only one route to Moscow, however, with the advent of a new flight Petrozavodsk - Simferopol, there was a real hype on air tickets. At the same time, it is worth noting that the air carrier "Ak Bars Aero", Which performs flights on this route, offers its usual prices, without any benefits and discounts.

At present, it is quite possible to increase the frequency of flights from Karelia to the Crimea, since at the moment only 2 flights are carried out per week.