Fragments of the aircraft MH370


Residents of Maldives discovered new fragments of MH370

Maldives discovered debris that could belong to a vanished Malaysian airplane.

At the moment, experts and researchers have already gone to the Maldives to establish the fact of whether the discovered objects belong to the flight MH370, mysteriously disappeared in March 2014 year over the Indian Ocean. According to information received aviation portal, among the detected items is a bag that can be a part of baggage, and a number of metal debris that may belong to the fuselage of the passenger Boeing 777.

Recall that just a few weeks ago, on the coast of the French island of Reunion, a flap of a passenger airliner, as well as part of a passenger seat and a porthole, was found, suggesting that in the near future it will be discovered not only the approximate crash site of the airliner, but the disappeared Already almost 1,5 a year ago the plane.


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