Residents of the Odessa region filmed a powerful missile attack on an electrical substation

Residents of the Odessa region managed to film a powerful missile attack on an electrical substation.

As part of massive missile strikes against Ukraine's military and energy infrastructure, one of the powerful cruise missile strikes on an electrical substation near Odessa was accidentally captured on video. The impact was so powerful that fiery clubs rose to a height of several tens of meters.

Eyewitnesses describe the explosion as incredibly scary. The shock wave from the explosion could be felt even at the filming location. At the same time, several detonations took place - most likely, we are talking about explosions of transformers, which was accompanied by an additional release of fire.

It is known that we are talking about striking a 110/35/6 kV substation. The latter fed a large number of objects on the territory of Odessa and the Odessa region and, judging by the damage caused, it may take considerable time to restore the operation of the electrical substation, not to mention the critical shortage of power equipment to restore the power supply system in the country.


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