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A resident of Kazakhstan died on board a flight from Almaty to Moscow

A passenger died on board the flight Almaty-Moscow.

According to information received by the aviation portal, it became known that during the flight, the 64-year-old citizen of Kazakhstan died from a broken blood clot, while it remains unknown whether the original passenger addressed the crew members due to their worsened condition or not .

As a result of the incident, the commander of the airliner made the decision to change course and make an emergency landing in Samara, however, the doctors could not provide any assistance to the woman, stating her death.

The woman’s death on board the Almaty-Moscow flight is being investigated to establish the exact causes of the incident, however, experts are confident that the crew’s fault is not a 64-year-old Kazakh citizen, as the death in this case occurs in 80% of cases , and, to provide any emergency assistance while on board the aircraft is not possible.