Caron Grive


A resident of Britain for 60 dollars "rented" a passenger liner "Jet2"

A resident of the UK "rented" a passenger airliner for 60 dollars.

57, a UK-based summer resident Karon Grieve, intending to travel from Glasgow to the Greek island of Crete, didn’t suspect that for the pounds paid for 47 (about 60 US dollars - ed.), She would be able to completely “rent” the airline’s passenger liner Jet2. In preparation for boarding the flight, the woman was amazed that she was alone in the waiting area, however, contacting the representatives of the airline "Jet2", she received an exhaustive answer that she was not mistaken, just a few tickets were sold for the flight.

At the time of landing, it turned out that two more passengers had decided to abandon the flight, with the result that Karon Grieve was the only passenger in the 189-seat aircraft, which allowed her to enjoy the rest throughout the 4,5-hour flight.

It should be clarified that in the official comments of representatives of the airline "Jet2" it is indicated that a low load on a number of itinerary destinations is regularly observed, however, the same transportation of several passengers pays off by a return flight when all seats are filled in the airplane.

Our would send an aunt and would easily cancel the flight