The survivability of any NATO ship in the Black Sea is limited to 14 minutes

NATO ships will "live" in the Black Sea for no more than 14 minutes.

Aggressive actions of the North Atlantic Alliance against Russia can be quickly suppressed if NATO tries to attack Russia from the Black Sea. Taking into account the huge number of coastal missile systems deployed in Crimea and along the rest of the Russian coast, the "survivability" of absolutely any NATO warship anywhere in the Black Sea is measured in a maximum of 14 minutes.

According to experts, today the entry into the Black Sea of ​​absolutely any NATO ship begins to be closely monitored, not to mention constant control over the ships of the Alliance countries that are already in the waters of the region. In the event of the slightest threat of attack, Russian coastal missile systems will be able to destroy absolutely any target within a maximum of 14 minutes, although in reality, the destruction of enemy forces will occur much earlier, since, among other things, Russian ships and submarines are constantly on duty in the waters of the Black Sea ...

“The attempts of the USA and NATO countries to demonstrate dominance in the Black Sea region are absolutely futile. If necessary, Russia may not allow NATO ships to go beyond the territorial waters of the countries of the region at all, and any aggression on the part of the Alliance ships will inevitably be punished. ", - the expert marks.


I would like to know who our specialist is?