The brutal detention of the American military in Syria hit the video

The American military was harshly detained in northeastern Syria.

The successful attempt to break through by American troops into the territory controlled by official Damascus ended in a rather harsh detention for the American military. Oddly enough, local residents and Kurdish formations took part in a kind of operation, which not only forced the American military patrol to flee, but also pursued it for quite a long time, throwing stones at armored vehicles and American troops who tried to start negotiations.

In the video footage presented, you can see two episodes of the attack and detention of the American military, who broke through to the territory controlled by the Syrian army. It is known that the vehicles of the American military followed bypass routes. Local residents showed clear dissatisfaction and with the help of stones and other improvised items, as well as shots into the air, they stopped the American military convoy, forcing the American forces to retreat.

The command of the US Armed Forces has not yet commented on the incidents. Apparently, this situation is extremely unpleasant for the United States, since the further expansion of the US zone of influence in the north and northeast of Syria will be blocked.

And where is the article about how the locals throw stones at the Russian-Turkish patrol?