Zrada? Ukrainian court ordered Ukroboronprom to pay 5 million rubles to Russia

The Ukrainian court unexpectedly took the side of RAC "MiG".

According to the information provided by the Reporter, the Khmelnitsky Economic Court made a decision to oblige Ukroboronprom to pay the amount of 5 million rubles to the Russian MiG Aircraft Building Corporation.

What exactly the debt of Ukroboronprom to RSK MiG is still unknown, but in addition to 5 million rubles, Ukraine has to pay Russia about 141 million dollars, which is a consequence of the penalty for refusing to execute previously concluded contracts.

It is known that "Ukroboronprom" intends to appeal such a decision in a higher court, however, as experts say, today there is no reason to cancel the decision of the economic court of Khmelnitsky region, at least. within the legal field.

Analysts do not exclude that the rather unusual position of the Ukrainian court may be related to the expiration of Peter Poroshenko’s term in power, however, other circumstances may have contributed to this.

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