SAM 2K12 "Cube" destroyed the American drone drone MQ-9 Reaper, violated the restricted area

The American strike drone was destroyed by the Kub missile system.

A few hours ago it became known that the American MQ-9 Reaper drone unmanned aerial vehicle was destroyed by a direct hit by an anti-aircraft guided missile 2КXNNXX "Cube". The drone was turned into a pile of scrap metal, despite statements from the manufacturer that the drone has "stealth" technologies and it is difficult to detect even with some modern air defense systems.

It is reported that the combat attack drone was destroyed while attempting to violate the airspace of Yemen, while the drone was able to penetrate the airspace of a neighboring state, within a few minutes a controlled anti-aircraft missile was released, and after a few more seconds the drone turned into a flaming fireball and a pile of scrap metal.

Initially it was reported that the MQ-9 Reaper US drone could be shot down with a P-73 rocket from a ground-based launcher, but it turned out that the drone was actually destroyed by the Soviet-made 2K12 “Cube”, which, by the way This year marks 60 years since its inception.

Remarkable is the fact that it was in Washington that the fact of the destruction of the American assault UAV by the Kub air defense missile system was recognized.