The Buk-M2 air defense system was protected by the "mysterious" MiG-29 and Su-35 fighters in Libya from Turkish F-16s

The MiG-29 fighters and Su-24 bombers that appeared at the aircraft are now protected by Russian Buk air defense systems.

The MiG-29 and Su-35 fighters that appeared at the Al-Jufra airbase, as well as the Su-24 bombers, which, as previously reported by the American media, were transferred to the Haftar army by Russia, are now protected by Buk anti-aircraft missile systems. Earlier, these complexes were not listed in the arsenal of Libya, which again caused a lot of accusations against Russia regarding the supply of high-performance weapons to the LNA forces.

“Medium-range Buk missile defense systems (M1-2 or M2) were transferred to the Al-Jufra airbase to the Libyan National Air Force to protect it from attacks by Turkish F-16 fighters! Several ZRPK "Shell", arrived from the UAE are also based here "- Maltese expert Babak Tagway reports.

It is noteworthy that about three weeks ago there was information that the Libyan National Army began to use the Buk-M2 air defense system, as a result of which Turkey and PNE forces lost a dozen drones in just a few days. There is no official confirmation of the use of the Buk air defense system, however, for these reasons, Turkish aviation obviously does not want to lose its fighters, which will be shot down when entering the Buk-M2 air defense zone.

Thus, due to the deployment of Buk complexes at the Al-Jufra airbase, the MiG-29 and Su-35 fighters located here, as well as the Su-24, are fully protected.

Haha Very funny!

Yes, the beech can not protect against F - 16. Well, so many times the Israelis have proved this in Syria. No, they continue to write lies.

One drone at the price of 2 PU Buk-M2

Count: 8 million green versus 100000 green do your own conclusions

The author again put up his tongue in an unsightly manner, they would defend the air base from an air attack, and there’s not enough of it, maybe fighters, or maybe they can use MLRS, as in Syria, against Khmeimim

A bayraktar costs 8 lyam in American paper, a rocket of a Buka that knocks it costs 100 tons in the same paper.
They do everything right - war is a competition of economies

BEECHS TO KILL UAVS IT IS LIKE to kill fish with a nuclear bomb!

How was this air defense system protected from aircraft, which it was supposed to bring down? This is a type of PANISHERY, WHICH SHOULD BE PROTECTED FROM EVERYTHING?