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SAM "Buk-MZ" successfully worked off the attack on the Crimea "low-flying targets"

The combat exercises of the Buk-MZ air defense missile system were successful.

The other day, the Russian Ministry of Defense conducted an exercise. The military practiced repelling an air attack on Crimea, and Buk-MZ anti-aircraft missile systems were also involved in combat exercises over the sea.

The Buk-MZ air defense missile system is a quadruple medium-range military air defense system. It is used in conditions of fire and electronic countermeasures. The anti-aircraft missile system fires not only targets located above the ground, but also targets located above the water.

During the tests, the Russian air defense systems "Buk-MZ" worked out the defeat of flood targets at extremely low altitudes... According to the information portal of the Izvestia newspaper, the exercises were carried out deliberately over the sea surface, since these conditions became ideal for recognizing the combat capabilities of this complex. In addition, the exercises were successful and confirmed the characteristics of the Russian complex.

Even earlier in the spring of 2021, during the exercises, the air defense missile systems were able to intercept and neutralize a target imitating an enemy drone.

Thus, in the course of combat tests, the capabilities of the Russian Buk-MZ were tested, in addition, according to the Ministry of Defense, the anti-aircraft missile system in difficult conditions has confirmed its ability to destroy drones.

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