Shot down a drone


SAM "Square" smashed a Chinese drone into pieces in Libya. Video

The Soviet air defense system did not leave a single chance to the Chinese attack drone.

The Russian news publication reports that the Chinese Wing Loong II unmanned aerial vehicle was destroyed on the territory of Libya by the forces of the Government of National Unity. As evidence, a video was published that captured the moment of the drone’s defeat, while experts note that launching an air defense system is very much like a Soviet air defense system “Square”.

“This is the second Chinese drone Wing Loong II, which was destroyed in Libya this year. So in early August, it became known that a similar type of UAV was disabled in 120 kilometers from Misurata. It’s known that winged vehicles arrived in Libya from the United Arab Emirates, which have long supported the Haftar’s army. ”- notes the publication

It should be clarified that the Soviet Kvadrat air defense systems are in service with both the forces of the Government of National Unity and the Libyan National Army, led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar.