The Osa air defense system turned the Israeli Hermes 450 drone into a sieve. A photo

The Hezbollah group published the consequences of the destruction of an Israeli drone.

On the eve of the day, several respected sources published unique photographs depicting the Israeli unmanned aerial vehicle Hermes 450, which was turned into a real sieve by members of the Hezbollah organization. Given the fact that of the well-known air defense systems, Hezbollah is armed only with Soviet models of the Osa air defense system, it is likely that this complex was riddled with a drone.

Despite the publication of the photographs, it became known that in reality, the Hermes 450 drone was actually destroyed, however, it happened in the 2018 year. However, earlier, Israel claimed that the drone fell due to technical problems, however, obviously, the reason was completely different.

Given the Hezbollah’s armament and anti-aircraft missile systems, even during the Soviet period, it’s logical to assume that the organization could easily gut Israeli drones and military aircraft entering the country's airspace, but, obviously, without Israeli aggression, in Hezbollah do not want to use this weapon, due to its limited number.

It is noteworthy that after the recent conflict between Lebanon and Israel, the Hezbollah organization announced the presence of the Osa air defense system in the country's arsenal, which, most likely, were delivered by Iran through the territory of Syria.

The Russians in their hypocrisy do not know the restraint. If you believe them, they always, everywhere and everywhere fight terrorists. And only, as an exception, with their children, too. But, when it comes to Israel. instantly forget their main goal, and triumph over any "success" of terrorists. Of course, if there are no other joys, then they clutch at the first thing that can pass for joy.