SAM "Osa" shot down the sixth American drone in two weeks

The Hussites armed with the Soviet Osa air defense system shot down another American drone.

A few hours ago, representatives of the Ansar Allah movement published evidence that it was anti-aircraft defense, and it was allegedly about Osa (SA-7 Gekko), another US military reconnaissance drone armed with the Saudi Air Force was destroyed Arabia

It is noteworthy that over the past two weeks this is already the sixth reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle destroyed by Yemeni rebels, while experts point out the serious activity of the drones, which may well be demonstrated by the fact that the U.S. Navy carrier strike group passed near Yemen.

At the moment, Saudi Arabia does not confirm the loss of its drone, however, after losing several drones, Riyadh often abandoned attempts to further escalate the situation, but given the fact that we are talking about the sixth drone in the last two weeks, the situation is really very unusual . Earlier it was suggested that the Hussites might try to attack the American aircraft carrier strike group, which is only 10-15 kilometers away from the Yemeni coast, and this may involve both cruise missile launches and ballistic missile launches.

usually the Hussites present all the wreckage ... or a half-plane or a half-ton piece from f15 ... and this is mb and stuffing

If the Husites of the old Soviet air defense missile systems shot down "high-tech" UAVs, then why not try to pile the AUG from Pindostan through the snot?

It is very good!