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SAM S-300 fired at Turkish aircraft in the area of ​​Crete

S-300 complexes fired anti-aircraft missiles at Turkish aircraft.

Anti-aircraft missile systems S-300 "Favorite", which are in service with Greece, opened fire on Turkish aircraft, which were near the island of Crete, last Sunday. It is reported that Athens completely ignored the demands of NATO member countries to de-escalate the situation in the region, and fired two missiles towards Turkish aircraft - the latter, by the way, self-destructed - thus Greece only checked the readiness of its complexes to protect its airspace, however , in addition, also showed Turkey a willingness to use its weapons.

“On Sunday, Turkish media reported that Greece tested the Russian system at a training ground on the island of Crete in the eastern Mediterranean, off the coast of Turkey, from November 23-27, noting that the tests were carried out in the presence of American, German and Dutch troops. These tests raise some questions, especially because NATO, in particular Washington, is categorically opposed to Turkey's acquisition of the Russian S-400 system. Greek media previously reported that Athens had already conducted drills and tests to launch missiles from the Russian system from NATO territory in Crete, and that the tests were carried out in the presence of most military attaches accredited in Athens. Greece acquired the Russian system from Cyprus, which the country bought and was unable to activate due to Turkish threats, since in 1997 Cyprus was forced to abandon the system in favor of Greece in exchange for weapons and other military equipment. ", - about it сообщает information publication "AMN".

In fact, this is the first use by Greece of the Russian S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems in many years, however, experts draw attention to the fact that today the capabilities of even the Greek "Favorites" are quite enough to shoot down fighters in service with the Air Force Turkey.

"The missiles self-destructed"; missed. So who scared whom? And in general, when, finally, will the S-300 (400) hit someone (preferably someone else's)))?