SAM S-300 destroyed by a Harpy drone

As a result of the strike of Israeli drones, the area of ​​the S-300 air defense system was completely destroyed.

A new video of the destruction of Russian S-300 Favorit air defense systems has appeared on the Web. As a result of the strike by Israeli unmanned aerial vehicles, self-exploding on contact with the target, the radar and mobile launcher were destroyed, and at least two more launchers were damaged by the explosions.

On the presented storyboard of the video made by external surveillance cameras, you can see how an unmanned aerial vehicle not only flies completely unnoticed to the deployment area of ​​the S-300PS Favorit air defense system, but also successfully defeats it. This is an unprecedented loss of the complex, which until now was considered one of the best in the world, which could not even detect the approach of the enemy's radar.

“It should be noted that we are talking about the events that took place on October 9, 2020. Then drones - "kamikaze", being in the sky over Nagorno-Karabakh, hit the S-300PS launcher and the three-coordinate radar ST-68U (19Ж6) of the Armenian Armed Forces in the village of Kubatly (Gubadli or Sanasar). The blow was delivered by Israeli-made IAI Harpy homing aircraft, which are in service with the Azerbaijani army. However, there were doubters who did not believe what had happened. The time-lapse images published by the public "War, Syria" show how one of the drones flies up and hits the S-300PS. The sad consequences for Armenians are also demonstrated, in the form of destroyed equipment "- сообщает Russian edition "Reporter".

“First, Israeli and Turkish drones defeated the Pantsir-S air defense missile system in Syria and Libya, and now they have taken on the S-300 air defense system. What's next? It cannot be ruled out that sooner or later the resistance to drone attacks will also be tested on the S-400, and this will greatly undermine the reputation of Russian weapons. ", - the expert marks.

It should be noted that the S-300 complexes were used in a real combat situation only once - a few weeks ago they shot down two missiles flying over the city of Abovyan

YOU guys are wrong. Jews were never allowed to enter secret factories and secret developments. Even before the 90s, when the huge repatriation to Israel from the USSR began, the Israelis had their own modern (at that time) developments and gave the Arabs a light.

of course, they just forgot to say ... that 80% of immigrants from the USSR who left in the humpback 90 years work in Israel's defense industry. Moreover, they use the achievements of the hated union for everything. fundamentals in almost all systems and weapons. What, what, but no one can compare with the theft industry - even China

Wake up, Russia has no science - more than 1 million specialists have left - they are doing for the West. Our same scientist Ufimtsev, who left for the West, invented stealth technology, etc. Science was in the USSR - you live in the past. We have 27 times less applications for patents than in China, etc. My wife used to work in Sverdlovsk towards the airport - there was an office there that was developing missile defense. So, her former colleague called a few years ago and said that this design bureau with pilot production was closed, but before that, American specialists were allowed there, who studied the entire technology from and to. By the way, their products were tested exactly where Dyatlov's group died in the Urals. Pushkov told on TVC that in the Chelyabinsk closed secret "Mayak" there are Americans and even 1 Chinese chef working inside, it is not known how he got there)))

Think what you write, unmanned is not the target of the C300. Other systems are responsible for this. If the greedy Armenians saved on covering the C300, this is the problem of one particular army.

YES. The Armenians "suffered" a particularly obvious defeat in the war with the Azerbadzians in 1989-1994))) Old grandfather, but you write like a foolish little boy.

Technology in the hands of a savage - a pile of metal

You should write more carefully. Azerbaijani drones of Israeli production destroyed Armenian s-300 of Russian production. And your wording means a war between Russia and Israel.

This is not just the defeat of the Armenian army, they are no stranger, their whole history is one continuous defeat. The most unpleasant situation is that this is a colossal blow to the military-industrial complex of Russia, according to the concept of the Russian and Soviet armies. In a sense, we can say that the surrender of the Armenians is the beginning of the end of the Russian army in its present form.

anyone doubted the effectiveness of Israeli weapons?