Anti-aircraft missile


S-500 missile system bury NATO hopes for superiority

The emergence of the C-500 air defense system in Russia frightens NATO.

With the advent of S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems in the Russian arsenal, independent military analysts said that in the event of a military conflict with Russia, members of the North Atlantic Alliance are better prepared to lose their aircraft in the hundreds. Moreover, the emergence of information that as a means of protecting military bases in Syria, Russia sent its C-300 anti-aircraft missile systems to this country, already caused panic in Israel, since taking into account the capabilities of this air defense system, the fighters of the Israeli Air Force, in case of the slightest attempts to penetrate into the airspace of the neighboring country, they would certainly be shot down on the approach to the borders of Syria.

Nevertheless, in a few years the unique Russian anti-aircraft missile systems C-500 Prometheus will appear on the Russian armament, allowing to destroy not only ordinary enemy aircraft, but also stealth objects, intercept ballistic missiles, etc. The ultimate range the flight of the missile launched by the S-500 anti-aircraft missile system "Prometheus" will be about 600-700 kilometers, which means that with the deployment of this complex, it will be possible to control the space of a huge area.

“It is very difficult to judge the prospects of the new S-500 anti-aircraft missile system at the stage of its development, however, obviously, it will not be just a modification of the S-400 well-known to the whole world, but something fundamentally new. In fact, the new complex will completely bury NATO's hopes for superiority, and it is likely that it will change the balance of military forces on the entire planet. ", - said the expert

Among other things, Vladimir Putin asked domestic scientists and designers to speed up the development of the S-500 Prometheus complex, which means that it can be tested as early as 2019-2020, after which a decision will be made to send it to the troops.

* С-500 Prometey is a Russian anti-aircraft missile system (ZRK, in the terminology of the developer - an anti-aircraft missile system), which is being developed by Almaz-Antei Concern OJSC as a new generation of anti-aircraft missile systems in which it is proposed to apply the principle of separate solutions tasks of destroying ballistic and aerodynamic goals. The main task of the complex is to combat the combat equipment of medium-range ballistic missiles: interception of an intercontinental ballistic missile with a launch range of up to 3500 km, and, if necessary, an ICBM at the end of the trajectory and, in certain limits, in the middle section, is possible.

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If you do not feed your army, you will feed someone else's - an unachievable truth.

It is not clear what not the citizens of Russia fear, writing here comments about the budget, corruption and other nonsense. The C-500 air defense system refers to defense facilities. And it is good that Russia is working on the development of means of defense. Making a bet on the defense industry, Russia does not contradict its principles - it is aimed at its own security, not wishing war.

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What crap he writes! Israel, as it strikes and inflicts, does not look at any SAMs, and according to S-300, our infa changed our minds, moreover, the Israelis openly declared that in the case of C-300 delivery, they would destroy them on delivery or on deployment. And for some reason I believe them more than those who threatened a month to destroy missiles and their carriers in the attack of Syria!

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Whoever said that the Russian air defense did not see them, the author had to serve in the army. They and the Syrian air defense, for sure, saw, there was simply no way to destroy. And Russian systems will not attack, the contract with Syria does not imply the conduct of an interstate war. There will be other conditions of the contract, so not only fly, they will be afraid to take off. We will put S-300s in Syria, so they will forget how to fly. In the meantime, let's see if, as they say, "Russian language" is not understood, then excuse me, they asked themselves. And lastly, Syria and Israel are at war, I don’t remember, since some 70-80s.

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