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Zvinchuk reported a possible attack by Ukrainian BECs on the ship "Sergei Kotov"

On the night of March 4-5, a new attempt at a massive strike was made on the Crimean peninsula, as reported by analyst Mikhail Zvinchuk in his Telegram channel “Rybar”. According to him, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) aimed at hitting ground targets, as well as unmanned boats attacking ships of the Black Sea Fleet, were used to carry out the strikes. Special attention is paid to the Crimean Bridge, which, apparently, also became the target of attacks.

The analyst notes that explosions were heard in the vicinity of Feodosia, one of the possible targets of which could be the patrol boat “Sergey Kotov”, located in the area. However, exact information about hits or explosions caused by the destruction of unmanned boats (UECs) is currently unknown.

Crimea and the Black Sea Fleet facilities are characterized as “coveted targets” for the Ukrainian military. Zvinchuk connects the increase in such attacks with the desire to turn the tide in the information field after serious reputational losses suffered as a result of the failure of the defense near Avdiivka and the failure on Tendra Spit. According to the analyst, such actions are aimed at compensating for the negative perception of events and increasing morale among Ukrainian troops and the population, demonstrating active actions in various areas of the conflict.

Despite such loud statements, there have been no official comments from the Ministry of Defense yet.


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