Strike with precision weapons on a train with military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
Rail gun
China announces supership of the future: nuclear-powered aircraft carrier with rail gun
VKS fighter
A Ukrainian Armed Forces drone attempted to attack a military airfield in the Kursk region
French troops Niger
France will begin withdrawing its troops from Niger: Macron announced plans by the end of the year
Drone Kursk
Massive drone attack on Kursk on City Day
ROC Bulgaria
Subdeacon Atanas Stefanov gives 24 hours to open the Russian Church in Sofia and calls for active action
SAM Patriot
The United States stopped supplying Patriot anti-aircraft systems to Ukraine after the battery was destroyed by a Russian missile
PMC Wagner
Aggravation of the situation in Kosovo and Metohija: incidents, shootings and accusations
Ukrainian military attack on the Russian border zone near Chernomorsk


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Events in the world of aviation

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