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My childhood and youth were held in the country called the Soviet Union. I was and Octobrist and pioneer, and Komsomol. That is, it was practically all stages of the socialist treatment. Our country is the greatest, the most. The whole educational system of views, of course, will not go away. Yes, now I'm living in another world, in another country. Yes, and I became one. But education, driven into the subcortex, not gone anywhere. And now, looking at how the revived our armed forces can not hold even a guilty pleasure. Nate, bourgeois, get!

Recent developments, particularly in the field of armaments, give us all a sense of satisfaction and pride for a country that has finally been revived and is able to put in place some presumptuous politicians. And in some countries, too.


The hypothetical image of an exemplary subsonic PAK DA

EW systems, submarines, multiple rocket launchers and air defense systems. PAK FA and the latest tanks. Our weapons are much better than world standards. A large number of advanced topics and areas. In a short time, defense managed to bring out of chaos, to establish production and work on promising developments. Backlog from global models of weapons, if not completely eliminated, then, at least, close to it. And in some cases (as in air defense systems, for example), and ahead of foreign technology.


In 2009 year between the Defense Ministry and JSC "Tupolev" signed a contract to carry out research and development of fundamentally new aircraft for long-range aviation of the Russian Federation. By the year 2012 engineering design was completed and began development work.

The plane, made on a "flying wing" is likely to be equipped with domestic engine-powered Samara company "Kuznetsov". The firm "Kuznetsov", a member of the JDC, develops advanced gas-generating engines for aircraft and even that in the next decade. It will be a unified, enhanced engine line NK-32, which now applies to Tu-160.

The main parameters of the complex are not yet known. What is clear is that the estimated take-off weight will be from 100 200 to tons. It is also used stealth technology. The aircraft has to carry all types of types of aircraft armament, both existing and prospective.

Timing of the first flight postponed

In July of this year, the general director of the United Engine-Building Corporation (UEC), Vladimir Maslov, said that the first flight of the PAK-DA complex was postponed to the 2023-2024 years. This was confirmed by Yury Borisov, the Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation. First of all, the postponement is due to the decision to resume the release of TU-160. According to experts, the Tu-160 is aerodynamically perfect, which means it has a backlog for decades to re-issue. It is enough to update the avionics, navigation equipment, weapons systems, upgrade engines. Aircraft of these types for a long time can still be in service.

The new complex - a new filling

Avionics for the PAK-DA is already working group "Radio-electronic technology" KRET. Astronavigation Positioning System bomber will not have a hard peg to the navigation satellites, and thus be more effective in the face of fierce EW. Also, the aircraft will be equipped with integrated strapdown navigation system (SINS) based on fiber-optic gyroscopes.

The complex PAK-DA will be subsonic, which will be offset by a set of measures on stealth and hypersonic long-range missiles, which are already being developed concern "Tactical Missiles".

In America, there is also a similar program to develop a strategic bomber - Long Range Strike Bomber LRS-B. And the American and our programs are going in about the same direction. And there they abandoned the hypersonic regime, and the supersonic cruising regime, due to the high cost of development. The possible best qualities of the inconspicuous American counterpart, it was decided to compensate for the large range of cruise missiles and their hypersonic speed. Such missiles allow launching from a longer distance, which will minimize interaction with the enemy’s air defense.

Joint instrument-making corporation developed a unique communication system for future aircraft. All corporations "Rostec" connected to the creation of a bomber of the future, which means that it really is a promising aviation complex of the future.

Valery Smirnov specifically for

BINS - a strapdown inertial navigation system and not integrated

Inertial - is it on gyroscopes?

And why in the title the pictures as Photoshop?

Russia is invincible!