Photo of stewardesses made at the right moment


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Well, they're still young girls. There is free time - you can have fun. Moreover, entertainment is harmless. To senior flight attendants who have been flying for a long time, this is probably not interesting anymore, since it has become a routine for a long time.

Beautiful girls !!!



Best in the world of aviation

On airplanes with children react electronic billboards.
December 12 2013. Billboard constantly gets updated in the flight schedule and coordinate planes that take off from airports.
Owl Harry Potter was shot at an airport in New York.
09.12.2013. Wildlife Specialists have been tasked with exterminating the rare breed owl near New York Airport (JFK).
The aircraft airline forgot the sleeping passenger ExpressJet.
December 9 2013. Representatives of the airline can not understand the reason why the passenger who was sleeping, was not seen.