Photoreport flight New York - Beijing. 8000 $. Business klass.Air China.

Photoreport flight New York - Beijing. 8000 $. Business klass.Air China.

Photoreport flight New York - Beijing. Business Class. Air China


The flight promised to be quite long.

out of the house

Taxis are much cheaper than parking at the airport for a long period of time.

taxi to the airport

Then you pass by the boxes registration economy class.

Registration economy class New York

That's actually a ticket 8194 dollar.

8194 dollar ticket

Sometimes business class allows you to check in and check in quickly, but not today.


Next you enter the business class lounge. Lufthansa.

waiting room in New York City

waiting room in New York 2

Here you can offer great free food:

Vegetables, salads and fruits.

vegetable salads frkukty New York Airports

Bakery products

pastries New York Airports

And alcohol ...

alcohol airport in New York

Wine, beer ...

Wine Beer New York Airports

beer New York Airports

Hall razlecheny so well there ...

entertainment hall Airport New York

Everywhere there razetki ...

Charging the phone Airport New York

Business class is held in the plane ...

business class boarding pass at New York

Meanwhile, the housekeeper is standing in line as usual ...

Economy class all New York Airports

Here are our places. Here we will spend the next 13 hours. Boeing 777-300.

Designated Business Class. New York - Beijing.

Pretty good monitor is out of my place.

Monitor. Flights New York - Beijing.

To choose from there are plenty of movies to view.

Movies .reys New York - Beijing.

And here is the remote monitor.

Remote. Flights New York - Beijing.

So is there charging USB.

Charging YUSB. Flights New York - Beijing.

Chairs in front of me looks exactly the same as mine.

Chairs Business klass.Reys New York - Beijing.

Adjustable armrest-console between us and the passenger next to the window.

Remote-podlokotnik.Reys New York - Beijing.

And a control panel chair

Control chair. Flights New York - Beijing.

You will also be issued branded headphones Air ChinaThat you need to pass at the end of the flight.

Headphones. Eir-China. Flights New York - Beijing.

Further, the menu ...

Menyu.Reys New York - Beijing. 

The choice is as follows:

menu 2. Flights New York - Beijing.

Menu 3. Flights New York - Beijing.

menu 4. Flights New York - Beijing.

After takeoff, we immediately asked for tea

tea. Flights New York - Beijing.

Next steak served with asparagus.

bishteks. Flights New York - Beijing.

Next viewing movies

cinema. Flights New York - Beijing.

In mid-flight the conductor gave me a card.

Card. Flights New York - Beijing.

And leaving me near the screen show. What could it be?

Gift. Flights New York - Beijing.

Branded bathroom amenities.

bathroom accessories. Flights New York - Beijing.

bathroom accessories 2. Flights New York - Beijing.

After watching the film. I clicked on the "Map". It turns out we were flying to the North Pole.

card. Flights New York - Beijing.

After a dream breakfast is served.

Breakfast. Flights New York - Beijing.

To the exit!

to the exit. Flights New York - Beijing.

Beijing Airport

Beijing airport. Flights New York - Beijing.

We are waiting for luggage

Baggage. Flights New York - Beijing.

Taxi Beijing.

Taxi. Flights New York - Beijing.

Kerry Hotel, Beijing

Kerry Hotel. Beijing

Bath, in the same hotel ..

Bathroom Hotel Kerry.

And finally bedroom.

Bedroom Kerry Hotel

The food in the hotel excellent. But this is the second time ...

Food Hotel

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