Photo report from Pulkovo Airport

Photo report from Pulkovo Airport

Photo report from Pulkovo Airport


Pulkovo photo 1Pulkovo photo 1 2Pulkovo photo 13

Pulkovo photo 14Pulkovo photo 16Pulkovo photo 17

Pulkovo photo 18Pulkovo photo 19Pulkovo photo 120

Pulkovo photo 121Pulkovo photo 122Pulkovo photo 123

Pulkovo photo 124Pulkovo photo 125Pulkovo photo 1434

Pulkovo photo 12323Pulkovo photo 1kepuPulkovo photo 145

Pulkovo photo 13434Pulkovo photo 1 4545Pulkovo photo 12323

Pulkovo photo 12323Pulkovo photo 156546Pulkovo photo 1878

Pulkovo photo 165456Pulkovo photo 1546456Pulkovo photo 134355

Pulkovo photo 14546Pulkovo photo 145656Pulkovo photo 15656

Pulkovo photo 15656Pulkovo photo 15656Pulkovo photo 1456546

With the assistance of the Public Relations Department at Pulkovo Airport St. Petersburg, especially for portal avia.problems, A report prepared by Valery Smirnov.

Photo by the author.


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