Small planes. A photo.

Small planes. A photo.

Small planes. A photo.


The smallest single-engine airplane is considered to be a miniature Sky Baby.

Small planes. Foto.1


In length, the plane does not reach three meters, the wingspan is about two. The height of this aircraft is only 1,5 m. 

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Small planes. Foto.3


The miniature twin-engine aircraft is the Cree Cree. 

Small planes. Foto.4


The aircraft has two engines and wings, which are located below. Wingspan almost 5 m. 

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Small planes. Foto.6


The smallest jet in the world - BD-5. Designed it and assembled Jim Bede - American designer. 

Small planes. Foto.7


The speed of the aircraft is 484 km / h, and the weight of the entire 162 kg. 

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Small planes. Foto.9


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