Can our flight attendants post similar photos online?

stewardess photo

How is this possible?

How is this allowed by foreign airlines?


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very interesting but not very nice

Beautiful girls in the photo. When free from performing their professional duties, they can (like all other people) have a rest, right? therefore can be photographed. and hence post your photos. wherever they want

how ani is beautiful

I think a woman is a beauty. And if everything is beautiful and without vulgarity, it is beautiful and cute!

At non-working time, the stewardess is the same person as everyone else. So why not? Respect for the cool photo session appreciated the beauty ..!

It would be something to post and the main thing to look at ...! Or the flight attendant is not a man ...? or she has no personal time of life or beauty ...! If everything is within the limits of decency ... the green light ... why not ...!

The stewardess, this is the person to whom the passenger aboard the aircraft primarily pays attention. This is the face of the country. They need to pick up. Beautiful, not stupid, with knowledge of foreign languages! In these photos I did not see vulgarity. Very nice, with a beautiful well-groomed body. Nice to see! If our flight attendant places beautiful and without vulgarity of their photos, then my answer is YES.

One must not be afraid of the female body, but rather the dense perception of it.

Why not? What kind of hypocrisy There is the concept of provocative pornography pictures Well, for example, nude on the background of monuments And girls are not in the workplace and not during work can make their own selfie as they want It is their right And by the way is very beautiful and without vulgarity



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