Parade Domodedovo aerodrome equipment

Parade Domodedovo aerodrome equipment

Parade Domodedovo aerodrome equipment

13 August Moscow Domodedovo Airport A parade of airfield equipment was held, timed to coincide with the professional holiday of the aviation industry workers - the Day of the Air Fleet of Russia.

Domodedovo airport airplane

The guests were shown a super-heavy tractor, a giant low-floor apron bus, an auto-lift with a three-story house used for delivering in-flight catering.

Domodedovo airport airplane

The key idea of ​​the event was to demonstrate the significant role of specialized aerodrome equipment in the processes of preparing and meeting aircraft: aircraft do not take off without the operation of these machines.

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Day Air Fleet of Russia - a professional holiday of the pilots of the air fleet and aviation infrastructure workers.
Domodedovo Airport
This date has more than 100-year history.
Domodedovo Airport
12 1912 August, the last Emperor Nicholas II imperial decree ordered form the first part of the Russian aviation at the General Directorate of the General Staff.
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In the history of modern Russia holiday approved by order of the President of Russia in 1997 year and is celebrated annually on the third Sunday of August.
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Moscow Domodedovo Airport held a parade airfield equipment to show the important contribution of aviation to not only those who fly in the sky, but the workers daily to ensure safety on the ground. The largest air harbor of the Moscow aviation hub uses the most modern equipment of leading world manufacturers for operational ground handling of aircraft.
Parade of airfield equipment Domodedovo 3434
Park specialized equipment Domodedovo airport has more than 200 units of different machines, with the majority of models have been developed specially commissioned air harbor.
Parade of airfield equipment Domodedovo 4545

SPECIAL. Parade participants:

Machine support aircraft (Follow Me Car)

Machinery maintenance of aircraft (BC) «follow me car» used for security of leading the sun according to a predetermined route. The alignment and taxiing aircraft on the apron of the Moscow Domodedovo Airport is made on a pre-approved routes. The park machinery Domodedovo airport currently employs 12 BC escort cars brand Skoda Fabia.

From a conventional car, this technique is different and special color LED display. Each machine is equipped with two radio stations (aircraft and vnutriaeroportovogo range), a set of equipment, the control information display (for supplying visual commands crew lidiruemogo BC), a unit of navigation equipment and flashing beacons. The day the car passing a few hundred kilometers.

Maintenance of the aircraft engine in the following cases: at the request of the crew; when visibility is less than 400 meters; at night time; in the absence of visibility markings; when accompanied by an aircraft of foreign airlines, and in some other cases.

Self-propelled ladder with an electric motor

TLD Green BBS-580

Self-propelled ladders TLD Green BBS-580 acquired within the framework of air port to transition to the use of ground equipment and special equipment on electricity. Currently 18 similar machines used in Domodedovo.

The design of the self-propelled ladders TLD Green used a number of innovative solutions, such as improved performance rechargeable battery, allowing it to operate without recharging for a standard work shift, and special safety sensors, blocking the movement of the ladder while on it passengers. bright LED backlight, as well as a special non-slip steps is provided for the comfort of air travelers.

Composed of two telescopically connected sections, the ladder is able to service all types of modern aircraft with a passenger deck height from 2,2 to 5,9 meters. Mechanisms of the self-propelled gangway can withstand loads up to 5 920 kg (at the same time there may be about 70 people), which allows to increase the speed of landing and disembarking of passengers. The new machines are equipped with a reliable electric drive and a special hydraulic system that ensures the stability of the ladder and a smooth adjustment of the staircase in height. Special equipment can be operated without interruption in difficult climatic conditions in the winter.

Total to date Park airfield equipment Moscow Domodedovo Airport has 73 passenger gangway various modifications, including more than half of the cars equipped with electric motors. Taking care of the environment, air harbor plans to continue to pursue the program of expansion of the park of "green" technology and the introduction of the most advanced environmentally friendly technologies.

airdrome trucks


Airfield towers are the strongest employees of the airport. In Domodedovo, 22 tractor is working, including two “heavyweight” SCHOPF F396C. This seemingly small car can tow an aircraft with a maximum take-off weight of up to 600 tons, including the world's largest passenger airliner. The operating weight of the SCHOPF F396C ranges from 45 to 70 tons. Engine power 300 kW (408 hp), four-wheel drive and automatic transmission. To facilitate the work of the operator in the SCHOPF F396C cab, air conditioning and parking sensors with a rear-view camera are installed, and to improve the driver’s view, the tractor cab can be raised or lowered.


Universal airfield tractor with all-wheel drive is designed for both military and civil aircraft with a maximum take-off weight of up to 70 tons. Optionally installed lift cabin provides excellent visibility when working at the airport and in the hangars. Domodedovo has 15 such tractors.

catering Autolifts

Malaghan CT8000

With Autolifts delivered on board meals and a variety of supplies, such as paper, wipes, air fresheners, etc. The main difference between this car - lifting mechanism of the "double scissors" with a range of serviced heights of up to 3 8,4 meters. This is almost three meters higher than that of other similar mechanisms for other purposes. Only by these Autolifts possible to deliver needed cargo to the height of the second deck Airbus A380. Today Domodedovo two similar lifts.

Malaghan CT6000

On this type of vehicle mounted lifting mechanism with a range of serviced heights of up to 1,4 5,6 meters. Thus, Autolifts can easily cater for such aircraft as the CRJ-100. The minimum height of the service of this technique - 1,4 meters, it is almost a meter lower than other similar machines on purpose. Avtolif serves the sun, such as:. Voeing-737, 777-Voeing, Airbus and other A310 Domodedovo airport has two small catering Autolifts.

Perron bus

Neoplan Vision Neoplan Airliner

Buses are equipped with ramps for passengers traveling by wheelchairs. It is unusual that the exhaust gases are output in the direction opposite to the opening of the doors. "Smart bus" is equipped with a special system that allows the driver to control the landing and disembarkation of passengers without the participation of additional personnel. To do this, the driver just needs to hold his hand on the touch screen installed outside the door. The system will not close the door if there is any interference, and also blocks the movement of the bus if at least one door is open or closed not completely. The new Neoplan buses are equipped with a climate system that creates comfortable conditions for passengers especially during the summer. The dimensions of the cabin (3 meters in width and more than 14 meters in length) made this model more comfortable and spacious for travelers. For passengers with disabilities, an automatic ramp is installed.

Design apron buses futuristic: the wheel "hidden" under side "skirts" so that they are almost not visible. This design decision gives the impression that the bus "hovers" over the apron. On duty at the airport 34 similar bus.


The Elephant® Beta-15 DeIcer

This is the "high-altitude" Domodedovo Airport technology. Specially designed boom can lift the cab and the height of more than 15 meters above the ground, and the sprayer nozzle is higher than 23 meters. This makes it possible to apply The Elephant® Beta-15 DeIcer to serve the largest type of aircraft. The machine is equipped with lighting a lantern (it is at the end of the arm), which allows the processing of the sun in the dark.

The hydraulic system of the machine is very flexible and agile, it is designed so that you can quickly and easily treat the surface of the sun both horizontally and vertically. Deaysinga duration depends on factors such as, for example, type of aircraft, as well as the degree of icing side. Average time icing is 5-7 minutes.

Tractor baggage

At the airport, Domodedovo uses two types of trucks to deliver the luggage Toyota 02-TD25 and Still R07-25.

Unveiled at the parade truck Toyota 02-TD25 designed to deliver baggage on the platform. With three-meter length and a height of about 2 meters, the car can be towed at the same time a weight of up to 25 tons. Currently, the airport 22 similar tractor.

In addition, the airport has 19 elektrotyagachey Still R07-25, which are intended for the transport of goods in the area of ​​baggage sorting.

Self-propelled conveyor belt

At present, 10 self-propelled belt conveyors are used in the operation of Moscow Domodedovo Airport. In the near future, the park will be replenished with 9 units of similar equipment. Self-propelled belt conveyors are used to transport cargo and mail baggage. They are able to serve all types of modern aircraft with a luggage compartment height of up to 4,3 meters. The mechanisms of the self-propelled conveyor belt with the unloading of baggage, cargo and mail withstand the total load on the belt up to 1000 kg. The belt speed reaches 30m / min, which allows for loading and unloading at high speeds.

In addition to these machines in the park machinery Domodedovo there are 35 trailed conveyor belts.


MAL-45 Mercedes Actros 2032 и MAL-18 Mercedes Aхor-1828

Today, at the Domodedovo airport is operated by a unit of 31 fueling equipment tankers and petrol units. This technique is capable of providing fuel any type of domestic and foreign aircraft. Park refueling machines air port allows refueling of Air Conditioning aviation fuel about 470 aircraft per day.

Available at Domodedovo airport refuellers were designed specifically commissioned by air harbor. Most machines are designed on the basis of Mercedes-Benz.

There are tankers in the air harbor with a capacity from 18 to 60 cubic meters. The parade presents a vehicle with a capacity of 45 cubic meters and a low-profile tanker with a capacity of 18 cubic meters, which carries out refueling in the wing of medium-range Airbus A319 and Airbus A320 aircraft without the use of additional devices.

The Domodedovo airport regularly updating and completion of fleet tankers and petrol units. All purchased refueling equipment constructed using engine environmental standard EURO-4.

Technique for cleaning of the runway (WFP) and the platform

Shmidt TJS-630

Trailed plow-brushing machines TJS-630 - the most powerful and overall technique. It is designed for cleaning of the runway and taxiways (RD) of snow. During the period from the 15 30 minutes before the detachment of 16 cars lined up, it covers the entire width of the runway, and in one pass completely cleans streak.

Shmidt SJS-914

Compact Brush plow-purge machine Schmidt CJS-914 in its capabilities is not inferior trailed technique and also allows for cleaning of snow and debris artificial surfaces of airfield. Its main difference from the trailer is that all the equipment is installed on the base of the truck and can work on the platform in the limited space between the aircraft parking. Because of its size, this machine is one of the most effective tools in the work on the content of the airfield.

In service Airport terminal services are 6 units CJS-914. The maximum speed of the vehicle at the time of harvest can reach more than
50 km / h.

Valtra tractors

Technology is engaged to work on clearing the runway and adjacent areas of the airport. Due to technical features, tractors are used effectively for rapid eens ice in winter, and to align the access of dirt roads in the summer. In addition, the machines have a special certificate of conformity, allowing to carry out cleaning work airfield runway.

By order of the airport machines Valtra N121 was equipped with front-end loaders designed to collect snow and gravel. All available at the airport tractor models are equipped with reliable AGCO Power engines and work with a small turning radius, which is important when working in a confined space.

At Domodedovo 16 used tractors Valtra.

The machine for measuring the coefficient of friction

To measure the coefficient of friction is used a special mechanism - Trailed truck ASFT T-5 Trailer CFME.

The principle of measuring the adhesion coefficient is based on electromechanical braking of the measuring wheel, which allows you to maintain a given percentage of slippage regardless of the state of the airfield (presence of ice, snow, water, pollution, etc.) on the surface. Thus, there is an imitation of the chassis braking mode of any type of aircraft.

Available airport three such machines.


  • the largest airport in Russia in terms of passenger traffic, passenger traffic for the year was 2014 33,04 million people;
  • with 2011 was included in the category of the largest airports in Eastern Europe (according to the ACI);
  • 2000 with the volume of passenger traffic increased by more than 10 time (up to 2,8
    33,04 million people);
  • It has the largest route network among the airports of the UIA;
  • regular flights to Domodedovo perform 71 airline, including foreign 31, 26 14 Russian and CIS airlines; the number of directions - 221, 76 of which are unique to the UIA; base airport in Russia for the Star Alliance and oneworld;
  • 4 of 10 top airlines in the world (ranked World Airline Awards, Skytrax) are flying in Domodedovo;
  • unique to the UIA airfield infrastructure includes two parallel independent runways.
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