The cabin airline s7. Photo.

The cabin airline s7. Photo.

The cabin airline s7. Photo. 


Airbus A310-300.

Location of seats on the plane Airbus A310 presented in a single version - 14 seats for business class and 241 seats for economy class. 


Airbus A319.

In airplane Airbus A319 there are economy class 120 and business class 8 seats. 


Airbus A320.
Aircraft Airbus A320 arranged in a two-class cabin, 8 in business class places  
and 150-yu Economy seats.


Airbus A321.
Airbus A321 entered into operation by the airline only in September 2013. 


Boeing 737-400.
Two-year cab also represented on the plane Boeing 737-400


Boeing 737- 800.
12 business class seats and 148 economy class seats available in the aircraft Boeing 737-800.


Boeing 767-300.
Two versions of the layout locations are presented in an airplane Boeing 767-300. The first  
option - business class - 18 seats, economy class - 222 seats. 
The second option - business class - 12 seats, economy class - 240 seats. 


Airline S7.



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