The plane-to-ship. A photo.

The plane-to-ship. A photo.

The plane-to-ship. A photo.


Rocket ship-WIG project 903 «Lun" - the Soviet hammer-winged missile project 903. Created at the pilot plant "Volga" and is the only fully built ship project 903 of the eight planned.

Plane-ship. Foto.1

Plane-ship. Foto.2

Plane-ship. Foto.3

In contrast to the planes underneath the WIG it is always a "runway" and the sea for him seems like an endless gidrodrom.


Plane-ship. Foto.4

Plane-ship. Foto.5


They can successfully carry out the various tasks the military (missile strike, landing, transport) and civil (transportation, rescue, etc.).

Plane-ship. Foto.6



Soviet shipboard ejector "Kingfisher" before lifting the ship. 

Plane-ship. Foto.7


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