The fond memory ... Kazan Airport ... Series Photo ...

The fond memory ... Kazan Airport ... Series Photo ...

We remember and mourn


Kazan tragedy


Kazan tragedy 343


Tragedy kazan111

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How painful that human life is still valued there is cheap, that the profits and benefits of companies prevail over security. Now they raise questions from all the screens, discuss the problems they arrange for the talk show. But they did not come yesterday! Why are no measures taken after the last crash of the plane? Why are not experienced pilots, and managers are ruled by such a complex industry? Now everyone has decided to blame the pilots, the dead, they can not stand up for themselves. I'm sure that the pilots tried to save people to the last. And since we are so often falling aircraft, then the problem is not a single one, and not a private one, and it should be solved by the government. Heart bleeds from grief!



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