Tyres for aircraft
Tyres for aircraft. Aircraft tire pressure.

Tyres for aircraft. Aircraft tire pressure.


The modern aviation tire is a complex high-tech structure designed to work with huge speeds and loads with the greatest possible weight and size. Despite this, the tire is one of the least understood and most underrated elements of the aircraft. Everyone agrees that they are "dirty, black and round." But in reality the airplane is a multi-component component, constructed of three materials: cord, rubber, metal. In the weight ratio, the airplane tire consists of 50% of rubber, 45% of cord and 5% of metal. Deeper into the component materials in more detail, you can see different types of rubber compounds and nylon cords. They have their own special properties for the successful fulfillment of the assigned tasks.


All aircraft tires can be divided into categories 2:

  • low speed (calculated on the ground speed of the aircraft to 192 km / h);

  • high-speed (ground speed - more than 192 km / h).


Tire pressure and Aircraft


Before installing tires on aircraft wheel over it conducted a series of tests.


These test scan is divided into static and dynamic.


1.Proverka strength under the influence of the internal hydraulic pressure. Method: The test tire mounted wheel and to breaking its faces pumped water. For some time the bus must withstand without failure the load.

2.Opredelenie landing tire pressure on a wheel rim. One method - copy. Between two sheets of plain paper are placed one copy sheet. Then, the paper "design" is set between the wheel flange and tire bead. Next inflated tire. When the heel side of the wheel touches the vertical surface of the flange, fixed landing pressure indicator on the rim. This will be reflected in the form of a trace on plain paper from the copying sheet.

3.Vyyavlenie tightness of tubeless aircraft tires. The tire is inflated to the pressure limit and maintained at the same temperature for some time. During this time, the pressure within the tire decreases due to increase in its dimensions. Next, measure the pressure difference, as far as it fell within the allotted time.

4.Opredelenie size tires. Aircraft tire mounted on the tire is pumped up to the limit nominal pressure. For some time kept at room temperature. After this time pumps a tire to its original value. Then the following parameters were measured: the outer width of the outer diameter, width, and diameter of the shoulder region.


Tyres for aircraft 2



1.Popravka pressure. Running account of the effect of the curvature of the drum.

2.Provedenie dynamic test tire as close as possible to the operating conditions: speed, load, etc.


How is the replacement of tires from jet


Aircraft tires are admired in the air and ensure security on the ground. However, landing and take-off negative impact on their condition.

During the year the aircraft passes over the ground a distance of 8 thousand. Kilometers, performing taxiing, maneuvering, flying and landing. Contact elements landing gear with the runway greatly affect tire wear. Replacement tires - a real problem for the airlines, because it costs a lot of money, but for the safety of air carriers always come first. A qualified team of tire repairers is obliged to carry out the replacement of 30 minutes.

Frankfurt is one of the biggest busiest international airport and is based one of the largest airlines - Lufthansa.

The aircraft was taxiing to the parking lot, a team of experts starts. Starting the process is very similar to the replacement of tires, the difference lies only in the fact that if the car 4 wheel, then their whole aircraft 30. Blocks of 8 pieces under the nose and wings and attached to the so-called carts. Lifting trolley is carried out using a jack. Hydraulic pump jack uses the pressure located inside the tire.

Tyres for aircraft following an emergency landing

after emergency landing

Raising design team takes the wheel. First Specialist unscrews the lock nut. By skillfully honed movements seen mechanics that work everyday. The price of failure is high and measured the lives of the people who fly these aircraft. Mechanics need to know when to hold urgent replacement tires. Diagnostic markers that are located in the grooves of the tread. If these indicators are not visible - so need to change the tire.

Taking off the bus, you can see its huge dimensions: width - 0,5 m, diameter - 1,5 m.

Aircraft tires are experiencing a huge load. A few hours they are in very low temperatures, and during landing to pick up speed 280 km / h. On landing, the tire temperature is 260 ° C. Why then these components will not explode in the air and do not burst when exposed to surface runway?

The secret is inside the tire, it is not filled with compressed air as the tire and gas - nitrogen. Therefore, aircraft tires are always dry, no water inside, and can not freeze. Also, they are not flammable.

On one wheel from the German engineers it took 15 minutes and they proceed to the next wheel Pick-up Artist, and "pereobutsya" put in place. Specialist carefully check the bolts, because of their weakening spells disaster.

Next tires inflate, lower the jack, check whether all the bolts are in place, reinforce them with the safety wire. This completes the tire replacement process. 


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