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Millions of people use air travel services every day. They buy tickets, get ready for the trip, overcome their fear, spend the night at airports, perform a number of other physical actions related to air activities. In this regard, a huge number of questions arise, to which people are looking for answers on various Internet resources. Questions about how to reschedule the flight, stop being afraid, help the child in the air, and entertain him. Or, for example, how to buy a ticket, check in luggage, transport an animal, cope with headaches and ear popping in flight.

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In the section on useful information for each of them, you will find answers, the value of which lies in the fact that they were written by the same people who use the services of airlines, and have already encountered and solved the problems that interest you. Thanks to the global network and such sections, we have a unique chance to learn from someone else's experience, use not one, but several examples, combine them and draw our own conclusions.


Perhaps, soon you will have your own developments of advice, solutions to complex problems associated with flights. Do not forget about them, they should be shared with the people around you, or, having fixed them on paper, send us advice to the piggy bank. So section (good to know, Information about aviation) Is presented below.



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Inspection of hand luggage at the airport prosvetka backpack All entrances to the airport terminals are equipped with pre-screening points. They are used with technical inspection devices.
Food on board aircraft Food on board aircraft Meals on the plane - a collection of drinks and food, which offers passengers the carrier during flight
Do I need to print an e-ticket on the plane? mini e-ticket Electronic ticket - a digital record in the airline's reservation system
Who created the plane? The first flight of mini photo The first historical mention of the aircraft were still in the ancient Indian literature
Lushie seats on the plane aircraft seats The fact is that when buying an aircraft, very few airlines leave the standard layout of the cabin. 
What is included in the ticket price? 40% of the cost is kerosene. 22% is the lease rate. Airport charges 20%. Air carrier profit 8%
Can pregnant fly on an airplane? On this occasion, the fair sex is very often the question arises - is it possible to fly on an airplane pregnant?
The truth about mobile in the plane

It is too expensive to check everything for interference from mobile phones. Nobody wants to take risks, that's all. "

Service at the station of departure of passengers with disabilities.
Infant - a child who has not yet reached its 2-th birthday at the start of the journey.
We need to make sure that the unaccompanied minor is in possession of all the necessary documents (passport, visa, etc.)

It is very important passengers. VIP

Circle members, members of the Travel club, Qualiflyer terms.

Very important passengers - A VIP passengers, which due to their official rank or social position OG-member airlines are treated with special care, and who enjoy special privileges.

It is also important to take into account that the lifejacket must be worn at a specific time.
ticket whose smallness
Is possible to make sure that a booked and purchased online ticket all right and how to do it - in connection with the spread of this method of finding and purchasing tickets, many people concerned about the issue?
During takeoff and landing aircraft ears laying on the sharp pressure changes. In particularly sensitive to such differences of people and severe headache appears. There are several ways to avoid discomfort.
small suitcase
Course is determined with the airline and is best to rely on reviews. Then enjoy a trivia ...
The only indication that observed by all the airlines, without exception, it is the fact that children under two years, on domestic flights carried free of charge, and on the international them a discount of 90%
cat cage
Before you take your pet on the road, you should not only do paperwork for yourself, but you will also have to arrange all the necessary papers for your pet. 
flight without any problems
As a rule, the main problems with the flight, arise in the case if you do not bother about them in advance. After reading the following rules will make it a comfortable flight.
The electronic ticket is different from the normal only in that the basic information, namely the tariff, data on passenger and flight, as well as other necessary information in electronic form.
airplane food
Hot food served to the passengers only if flight lasts two or more hours.
What would receive financial compensation, first of all, there should be a claim that is sent directly to the company, which had to be carried out flight.
Physical exercise should be systematically
The causes of aerophobia, methods of treatment and control. 
sports equipment
Weight standards for the transport of sports equipment, the maximum weight that can be transported without surcharge. 
the best places
9 tips for choosing the best location at the time of the flight. 
Each airport can be estimated by the number of infrastructure and the number of terminals, but as it became known, the factor of shopping opportunities became a more interesting factor for tourists. 
Air Crash Investigation is an important step to understanding rethinking accidents
Transfer to the airport of destination can include anything.
swollen legs in the plane
airplane passengers often face a vexing problem - swelling of the feet


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