152 out of 200 workers are in Russia illegally: checked in Kazan

During a raid in Kazan, it turned out that at the largest construction site, 152 out of 200 workers are in Russia illegally

Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs came to a large-scale construction site in Kazan to check compliance with migration laws. When checking the workers' documents, it turned out that 152 out of 200 migrants are staying and working in Russia illegally. Now security forces are identifying legal entities that allowed migrants to work at their facilities without checking the legality of their arrival in our country. Administrative protocols will be drawn up against those involved in violating immigration laws.

Raids to detect illegal immigrants continue throughout Russia; security forces are checking shopping centers, stores, construction sites, marketplaces and other organizations where foreigners most often find employment. In addition to regular checks and expulsion of violators from the country, Russian regions continue to tighten and limit employment opportunities for foreigners.


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