16.12.2013 drunken brawl on the plane

16.12.2013 drunken brawl on the plane 


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"Close the boor, let him sit, think, Tsarkov is about to get divorced" - the leaders of human destinies. Slightly "zabryakalo" in your pocket, the throne is required! You will have a throne, dear, on the par-she!



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Porthole plane view
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Probably very few people, even including those who know well acquainted with the history of aviation that an airplane porthole not always had round pairing.
Airbus A-390 Photo
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According to the most conservative estimates, the aircraft can carry both passengers about 1000.
Orientation - Crimea and the Red Wings Airlines
former Red Wings did not fly to Simferopol, but is now ready to fully switch to this destination