9-hour flight of Russian Tu-95s near the borders of Japan


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then why is the performance better? You confuse TU-4 and TU-95

Non-literate nonsense. Tupolev copied from B-29, called Tu-4. This has nothing to do with the Tu-95. from

And well, Tupolev ripped him off from an American 70 years ago! One to one! Genius!

Not B1B?

There are more than 22 standard Tu-3M40s in YES. Make a DP out of them with additional tanks and will accompany YES aircraft without refueling / but there is also refueling. And more than 20 VV missiles will be able to understand. Why do they "miss" at distant parking lots?

What handsome airplanes TU-160 and TU-95

It remains to make tankers from the TU 160 and TU-95 to accompany the strategists with fighters along the entire continuation of the route. Taking these strategists on guard.

Poor Japanese, the earthquakes get them, then they shake from the flight of our strategists in the international airspace